it really does look off‑puttingly bad to most people, best to delete your website/portfolio

My Essays


iron lotus: cats in jars as a metaphor for something to do with childhoods or whatever

null call: advice for the vestigial shamans among us

the game of you: a look at what you learn in clown school, and a roadmap towards redefining yourself

four songs: meditations on maureen

generative adversarial relationships: human creative systems through the lens of our AI counterparts

the form of formats: how to play a game that doesn't exist

top 3 songs i’ve written about not killing myself

hey im going to the store, do you want anything?

when the end of the world comes, you know where i'll be

i can’t wait for ai art to end design forever

also i'm sorry that i'm gay

hey did you know that i made an album cover for pitbull? cause i did, yeah. he’s a big celebrity if you didn’t know that. it’s not that big of a deal but some people think it’s kindof cool. yeah ha ha that was crazy...